After months of hiding under fluffy, downy, cozy layers, it’s almost time to reveal what’s underneath. Many of us are feeling a bit shaky about the re-entry into spring but there’s no better way to prepare for bare skin than removing unwanted hair, treating brown spots and tightening up all over!


Fortunately, there are so many great treatments and procedures to ensure that what emerges come Memorial Day is sleek, svelte and smooth. Virtually all of them are contraindicated for use when skin is exposed to the sun. So time is of the essence when it comes to the most advanced radiofrequency and laser technology, as well as the chemical peels, microdermabrasion and topical creams that can improve skin tone, increase collagen production and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


1. THERMAGE - First available for the face, it is now available for the body and recently approved by the FDA for use on cellulite. Thermage works by delivering revolutionary non-invasive radio-frequency energy to the deeper layer of the skin, stimulating the formation of new collagen and tightening skin. Use it to recontour the face, smooth fine lines around the eyes and mouth, firm sagging skin and reduce unwanted bulges.

2. LASER HAIR REMOVAL – The key to best results with the LightSheer are monthly visits for 3-4 months when skin is not tanned. So you still have time for several sessions before bikini season.

3. PHOTO FACIALS – The Palomar Star Lux uses intense pulsed light to gently eliminate both sunspots and blood vessels, leaving an even complexion. These treatments even out skin tone and address discolorations. This should not be performed on tanned skin.

4. Rx RENOVA – This retinoid-based, prescription-strength topical cream improves skintone, increases collagen production, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is also effective in treating pigment discoloration. It is essential to guard against sun exposure when using this product.

5. SKIN CANCER CHECK – Now is the time to establish your annual baseline, get all those worrying moles and spots checked out and make sure you have a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Call SkinCareLab’s founder Dr Brad Katchen at 212-334-1155 to schedule a consultation to determine if these possibilities are right for you!