Integrative Dermatology

Today, more than ever, patients are taking a holistic path to good health, and integrative medicine is helping them find the way. Integrative medicine incorporates Western medicine’s approach to disease and its treatment with complementary and alternative medicine. Wellness, disease prevention, and mind-body relationships are emphasized.

Dermatologists who incorporate this philosophy into their practice may suggest alternative therapies as well as conventional medicine. They work with patients to improve their diet and lower their stress through exercise, massage, and relaxation techniques to promote emotional well being. Essential oils such as lavender may be suggested in place of hydrocortisone creams to treat eczema; probiotics and fish oils may be offered to decrease inflammation in the body and skin. Botanicals may be given to improve sun-damaged skin.

Since all organ systems of your body are interconnected, illness in any part of the body may manifest on the skin. For example, life’s stresses may exacerbate acne, bring out itchy patches of eczema, or dehydrate your skin. Therefore, to have healthy skin and a better complexion an integrative approach to skincare can be helpful.

If you are interested in learning how this may benefit you, contact Dr.Kathleen Davis at 212-334-1155 for a consultation. Dr Davis is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and trained in dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center . Furthermore, she has worked with Dr Brad Katchen, founder of SkinCareLab for the past twelve years in SOHO and previously at Beth Israel Medical Center.



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