The Latest Technology for your Skin: Coffee

You cannot pass a block in Manhattan without seeing a Starbucks. It was only a matter of time before coffee was proven to be beneficial to your skin. And the time is now!

RevaléSkin, a new product line that contains coffee extract, proven to be an exceptional anti-oxidant, has just launched. And of course, SkinCareLab has this newest technology for you to experience.

CoffeeBerry, the fruit of the Coffea arabica plant contains polyphenols (including chlorogenic acid, proanthocyanidins, quinic acid and ferulic acid) that have been shown to have super anti-oxidant activity. As you know, ultraviolet exposure causes the creation of free radicals in the skin, responsible for the breakdown of collagen and elastin causing wrinkles. Free radicals may also create precursors cells that lead to skin cancer.

To the rescue, CoffeeBerry's ability to neutralize free radicals outperforms green tea, pomegranate, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. RevaléSkin is the first skin care line based on the antioxidant capacity of the CoffeeBerry polyphenols. In two clinical trials of six and twelve weeks, visible anti-aging benefits have been shown including improvement in dark patches, diminished fine lines and wrinkles and enhanced overall skin texture.The complete RevaléSkin line consists of a daily cleanser, day cream with SPF 15 and night cream, all with CoffeeBerry extract.

Fortunately, Revale Skin has launched at the start of our summer, when we need this anti-oxidant the most. Enjoy your coffee daily with Revale Skin at SkinCareLab. Spread the word!




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