Summertime Sunscreens

Finally the warm weather and sunshine are back! The urge to spend more time outside: running, bicycling, gardening, swimming and riding the waves is what summer is all about. It’s also the time to protect ourselves from the sun. Long over is the tan look. We now know the perils of extended sun exposure: increased chance of fatal skin cancer as well as advanced aging of the skin with wrinkling, discolorations and textural roughness.

Your sunscreen is your best friend. A complete broad spectrum protection is essential to block UVB & UVA rays, since both can cause sunburns, skin cancer and aging. Whether it’s the ever popular Anthelios that contains mexoryl, proven to be the best UVA screen or helioplex, that is a stabilized form of the already existing avobenzone, or physical blockers like titanium dioxide, choose one you will be loyal to and wear it daily.

Though a higher SPF is usually better, more importantly is how you apply and frequency. An SPF 15 effectively blocks 92% of UVB rays; however, this efficacy will not last more than two hours. Not all formulations are alike. There are many options: Fluide Extreme (the lightest weight), gels, water-resistant, creams, milks and sprays. A spray for the quick fix in between sets on the courts or applying on you kids; A waterproof /water-resistant for swimmers; Or the lightweight fluides under makeup.

Fortunately, has a complete selection of sunscreens for you. Pass the word around since this could protect your friends and loved ones from the increasing incidence of skin cancer… and offer them a safe and fun way to enjoy the Summer!








Favorite Summertime Sunscreens