Removing unwanted hair has always been a challenge—the plucking, the waxing, the shaving! Irritation, ingrown hairs and unsightly regrowth are no fun, not to mention that there’s no end in sight with these methods.


New technology has put an entirely different spin on the situation. With the advent of lasers and pulsed light sources, long-term hair reduction became a reality (especially for individuals with dark hair and light skin). The laser targets the source of the hair in the follicle, resulting in either temporary or permanent reduction. Until now, this has been an in-office treatment, such as that performed with a Light Sheer Laser in Dr. Bradford Katchen’s private practice.


Another option is now available: the new Tria Laser Hair Removal System for use in the privacy of your own home! Technological advances now provide a safe device that is both easy to use and effective. Similar to the laser used by doctors, it doesn’t provide precisely the same results, though they are still quite impressive. Tria has been demonstrated to give 60% hair reduction with each session—and 30% permanent loss in the long term.


Tria is a clinically-proven, FDA-approved device that is designed for home use. It is simple to use and very effective in removing hair. It emits a short pulse diode light and can be safely used on the underarms, bikini line, legs, arms, back, chest, feet and hands. Tria is not for use on white, grey, red or blonde hairs, nor is it safe for dark complexions. In addition, it cannot be used on tanned skin, by people on Accutane or during pregnancy. Find out more about this exciting, affordable option ($995) by calling Dr Katchen’s office at 212-334-1155 or e-mail us at