Anti-Aging Lotions: Better than Botox?
In 2003, the market was inundated with creams that proposed that they were better than Botox. Though presently, there are several different types of products that work well in evening out your complexion, coloration, texture and firmness, it may be daunting to determine which creams actually work. Certainly, there is no cream on the market that can deliver what an injection of Botox or Restylane can.
Choose products based on the results you are looking for, the type of skin you have and most importantly, whether the active ingredients can accomplish the task you need.
1. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids: Besides a sunscreen, one of the best ingredients in an anti-aging product is an alpha or beta hydroxy acid, which can include glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. These act by gently exfoliating the top layer of the skin, akin to light chemical peels, which even out the texture and color of the skin.
2. Retinols: Retinols are pre-cursors of retinoids, (ingredients found in prescription Renova, Avage, Avita) which work by increasing cell renewal and collagen stimulation, subsequently reducing fine lines and increasing firmness.
3. Growth Factors: Whether of human origin or plant origin, growth factors have been the buzz word for the past few years. It has been shown that growth factors increase cellular renewal and collagen concentration in the skin.
4. Soy Derivatives: There is evidence to suggest that soy products may aid in fighting the aging process in two ways. First as an anti-oxidant and second by mimicking the skin's natural estrogen, which increases the skin’s thickness, elasticity, and collagen levels.
5. Anti-oxidants: Free radicals formed by Ultraviolet exposure have been shown to lead to destruction of the elasticity of the skin and to promote the development of skin cancer. Antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, Soy, Marine extracts, Green Tea extracts, and Alpha-lipoic acid prevent free radical formation and are formulated in many anti-aging creams.
This brief overview addresses the key features necessary in finding a treatment right for your skin. Before you buy, be sure to find out what the active ingredients are in your products.




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