Anti-Oxidants May Save Your Skin

Sun, smoking and pollution all may damage your skin through the formation of free-radicals. These free-radicals then may break down the framework of your skin that produce signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, and early forms of skin cancer. While our body is well equipped to combat these kinds of stresses, applying an antioxidant directly to the skin has been proven to effectively combat the effects of free- radicals and improve texture, elasticity and firmness of the skin. Vitamins C & E, Soy byproducts, green tea as well plant extracts are all effective antioxidants.

SkinCeuticals, a leader in antioxidant technology, one of the first to develop topical Vitamin creams has created a Primacy line of products. One of their most requested is a Vitamin C & E serum, which protects the skin from sun damage most efficiently through the combination of these two ingredients. A Primacy Face Cream and Eye Balm contains antioxidants including Soy byproducts, Green Tea extracts and Silymarin (a plant extract). For the body, the Advanced Body Firming Lotion combines marine algae, vitamin-E with Soy byproducts. These all counteract loss of moisture, collagen breakdown as well as free-radical damage: thus restoring the firmness and luster to the skin while at the same time reducing the risk of skin cancer



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