Back Perfection

From the current trend of low backs at the Fall collections to full exposure at the gym, all eyes are on the back. It’s time to clear up any breakouts and get your skin back into shape.

Back acne may be difficult to treat because it can be more resistant to treatment and unfortunately take longer. Though oral treatments like antibiotics and Accutane can do the trick, there are topical options which should be tried first. Medicated washes containing ingredients like benzoyl peroxide attack the bacteria and dry up the acne. Besides bacteria, the pores in the oil glands are often clogged, so it may be beneficial to use products with salicylic and/or glycolic acid to help exfoliate the skin. While you may be tempted to scrub hard, it can further aggravate the area, and remember to never pick because that can lead to potential scarring.

“As always, if your acne is not improving via the topical route a consultation with a dermatologist may be necessary”, says Dr Brad Katchen, “since there may be other factors such as hormonal which need to be evaluated.”

As featured in September's Lucky Magazine, SkinCareLab offers a great Back Treatment that gets to the target: effectively cleaning out the pores and healing the skin with a self-heating mask.