After Botox: The Next Wave

The FDA approval of Botox one year ago and television programs like Extreme Makeover, have led to an incredible surge in the interest and popularity of cosmetic procedures that carry no downtime.

While Botox addresses the upper face, the latest wave of new products have been designed for the lower face. Long the gold standard, collagen injections have been used to fill in lines on the face, and to create fuller lips. Because of its bovine origin, allergy testing is required before treatment, as some patients are allergic. The new fillers require no allergy testing and have been reported to last longer than collagen, making them attractive one-stop procedures.

These treatments include CosmoDerm, recently approved by the FDA, Restylane, awaiting imminent approval, and Radiance. CosmoDerm is derived from one human cell-line produced in a laboratory, while Restylane is bio-technologically manufactured hyaluronic acid, a substance normally found in the skin. Radiance is a complex of the calcium hydroxyapatite, an ingredient in our bones.

Dr. Brad Katchen, founder of SkinCareLab says “I have been very impressed with the results of CosmoDerm and look forward to the FDA's approval of Restylane in the near future - in Europe, it's all the rage. With Radiance although its been said to last five years, I’m concerned about potentially permanent problems that have been reported due to technical variations of the injection, as well as unforeseen reactions. I’m also concerned that Radiance has only been minimally researched for cosmetic use.” For more detailed information on these procedures contact
Dr. Brad Katchen at 212.334.1155.




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