The Perfect Brow

The eyebrow is one the face's most powerful and dramatic features, capable of indicating an expression with the most delicate of movements. From the masculine horizontal positioning of James Dean and Marlon Brando, to the upturned ends of Leonard Nimoy's Mr Spock, many of the most iconic faces of our time have been defined and framed by the thickness and shape of the eyebrows

At SkinCareLab, attention to the eyebrows is always part of the initial consultation of the facial. Women, historically are the more astute at regularly plucking or waxing to achieve the desired shape of their brow. Men, now are more open to caring for their eyebrow as part of their skincare and body maintenance. Vivian Kervick, an esthetician at SkinCareLab, says that "if I don't address the needs of the eyebrow, my treatments are incomplete".

Eyebrows can also be shaped through the use of Botox. By using targeted injections into the muscles that surround the eyebrow - muscles that help the face raise and lower the brow - the shape and character of your eyebrow can be altered. Now, if you desire, you can add an arch to your brow, or simply lift it gently.

"This is definitely the next rage in the use of Botox," says Dr Brad Katchen, founder of SkinCareLab. However, as with any Botox injections, the effect is only temporary and need to be repeated in three months.