Have a Hairless Autumn

While waxing and electrolysis have always been effective means for hair removal, the ultimate solution to unwanted hair is laser. Although summer is the time when we want to be most hairless, the autumn is the time to begin the process. This procedure can’t be considered while tanned though, so as your tan fades and your weekends in the city begin, it’s time to get hairless.

For men, the most requested area is the back, or those pesky hairs on the neck that result in ingrown hair and razor bumps. For women, the bikini area and underarms are just the beginning; no hair on the body is the goal.

While waxing and electrolysis are effective, they are time consuming and painful procedures. The laser may give you permanent results in much less time with much less pain.

There are several devices on the market that propose hair removal. These include the Ruby, Alexandrite, diode, and Yag lasers and the Intense Pulsed Light. The response, however, can vary depending on which method is selected. The best laser is one that promises the least complications, protects the skin with a built in cooling device, and utilizes a specific wavelength targeted for your skin-type. Most lasers work best on those with light skin and dark coarse hair.

Dr Brad Katchen, SkinCareLab's founder, says that while there are many centers offering hair removal, clients rarely know which device the operator is using. This is key since no two devices are identical and therefore results may vary. In Dr Katchen’s office, he uses the LightSheer laser, a diode laser with a built-in cooling device for optimum comfort and protection. "In my hands this is the best laser for most skin types. It is the quickest, offers the least discomfort and gets the best results.”

Usually, with monthly visits for 4 months, you will see terrific results, just in time for your Caribbean get away in the winter. For more info about Laser Hair Removal, call the office of Dr. Katchen at 212.334.1155.




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