For Your Eyes Only

With Fall around the corner, hiding behind your Jackie O's becomes less of an option, (unless you’re hiding from the paparazzi) making your eyes once again the focus. We all have something that plagues us, whether it’s dark circles, droopy eye lids, puffiness, or crow's feet. Thankfully, modern scientific research is on the case to rescue you.

The first option to try is the topical route. Creams, serums, and gels work to attack different mechanisms of action. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, idebenone, green tea, or grape seed extract, fight free radicals to prevent collagen breakdown. Peptides, growth factors, and retinol try to plump up the skin by increasing collagen formation. Vitamin K and caffeine work to stabilize the blood vessels to reduce inflammation, redness, and puffiness. Lastly, hydroquinone helps to decrease areas of discoloration.

For those not ready for surgery, Thermage is one of the best alternatives. Thermage, a radiofrequency device that has been successfully engineered to tighten the face, has now created an eye treatment that can tighten the upper and lower lid. After a 60 minute treatment using a small tip of 0.25cm2, the eyes appear more open and the skin is on its way to rejuvenation. Check out the most current article in Elle for more details.

“One of the most popular treatments in my office is Botox. Targeted injections done artfully can relax muscles around the eyes to soften out crow’s feet as well as lift the eyebrow and eliminate dreaded frown lines if desired” says Dr Brad Katchen.

Lastly, there are laser treatments like Cool Touch that stimulate collagen around the eye area, and the painless diode Gentle Waves treatment that improves collagen production, leaving a firmer, smoother skin.

The difficulty lies in choosing which treatment is right for you! SkinCareLab is here to the rescue for all your topical needs. And when necessary, a trip to the dermatologist may be in order.


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