Your Guide to a Smooth, Hairless Summer

From the bikini area for women, to the backs of men, and everywhere in between, everyone searches for the most effective way to eliminate unwanted hair. While the options may include waxing, chemical depilitories, electrolysis and laser hair removal, the challenge is which to choose.

For some people with only a few hairs to treat, some attempt electrolysis, a method which burns each individual hair separately. Electrolysis, however, carries with it the potential for scarring, and is often slow and painful. Others try chemical depilatories, like Nair, which can be irritating, and less effective for dark coarse hair.

At SkinCareLab, men and women often choose waxing for the quick fix for the beach. Waxing can last for a few weeks and will generally leaves your skin soft and smooth.

While some of these methods are effective, all are temporary. For those who desire a more permanent solution, laser hair removal is the answer.

Dr. Bradford Katchen has recently added the LightSheer laser to his practice. "It is the most effective, painless laser on the market. It can treat a large area quickly and has a built-in cooling system to protect the skin. It works by shining a focused beam of light on to the skin, heating up all the hair follicles in its path, and stopping subsequent growth."

Because the success of treatment hinges on the growth cycle of the hair follicle, the key to effective results are monthly visits for 3-4 months. Also, for optimal results, the skin cannot be tanned during treatment.

For more information on Laser Hair removal contact the office of Dr. Brad Katchen at 212-334-1155.