Lip Service

Finally Spring is here… As we check out the new looks for Spring, its all about minimal makeup with the focus on lips, vibrant red colored lips... Red hot lips can be achieved with the latest shades of lipstick, liner & gloss. But before you apply your favorite lipstick, make sure you take care of what is happening beneath the surface.Then you can achieve the full shapely lips you're looking for.

Injections of Restylane or Collagen certainly will do the trick to plump up the volume and contour the shape..But now there is something new to enhance the lips, needle free.

SkinMedica, a first to create the use of growth factors in skincare, has introduced a two step lip treatment called SkinMedica Lip Plump System. First apply the lip renewal, formulated with marine filling spheres, hyaluronic acid, peptides and Skin Medica's patented growth factor NouriCel-MD. This will soften the lines and smooth the texture. Then add the second step: the Lip Plumper, enriched with Niacin to increase the volume.

Some of our favorite lip balms are the La Roche Posay Anthelios Lip Balm spf 50 to protect from UV rays, Pookie Lip Balm, and the ever popular Epicuren Conditioning Lip Balm.

Enjoy your new and improved Lips!






Some SkinCareLab lip favorites