The New Modern Nail

Nails are made of the same living cells and tissues as the skin on our bodies, but we rarely treat them as such. Just as we may suffer from dry skin and hair in the fall and winter months, our nails often become cracked, brittle or peel. For those who experience these symptoms, certain ingredients found in nail polishes, removers and artificial nails can exacerbate the dryness. Now is the perfect time to refresh and restore your nails’ natural balance with a modern manicure that promotes nail health, while creating a look that is sophisticated, clean, well groomed, and always in fashion.

SkinCareLab’s Nadia Yaron is the ultimate insider’s manicurist who can often be found on editorial shoots for top fashion magazines as well as backstage each season at the hottest runway shows. “I see models whose nail polish is changed several times in one day,” she says. “Nails need a break from polish to regain clarity. All it takes is a good buffing, some cuticle oil and patience.”

To give your nails a fresh start this fall, SkinCareLab is featuring a new chemical-free option: the New Modern, a luxurious treatment for men and women that shapes, hydrates and buffs the nails, while imparting a subtle, natural shine. For those with brittle nails who don’t want to bare it all, SkinCareLab features Alchemy, a line of formaldehyde-free products that is gentler on the nails.
And as always, health is paramount at SkinCareLab. “I have patients who have contracted bacterial and fungal infections from non-sterile nail treatments,” says Dr. Brad Katchen, founder of SkinCareLab. “At SkinCareLab, all of our instruments are medically sterilized, so clients can be sure that they are safe at our spa.”




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