Cultures as far back as the ancient Chinese of 3000 BC have extolled the benefits of therapeutic massage. In sources as diverse as the Ayur -Veda, India’s sacred life guide, to the writings of the Greek poet Homer, massage was encouraged to promote healing and relaxation.
Massage entered the popular consciousness in America in the 1960s as our culture became more interested on living a healthier, balanced lifestyle. This trend emphasized a new approach to “wellness” that included diet, exercise and maintaining a balance between mind and body. Interest steadily increased, and in the 1990s, an organization was formed to develop and regulate standards and implement a certification exam for massage practitioners.

At SkinCareLab, we value the power of massage for its psychological and physiological benefits. Trained therapists use purposeful, tactile movements combined with a thorough knowledge of anatomy to provide clients with relief from stress, fatigue, tension and anxiety for an overall feeling of relaxation.

Studies have shown that massage stimulates circulation and provides lymphatic drainage, promoting overall well-being. It is also effective in pain management, helping everything from arthritis to headaches to aching muscles, while increasing flexibility and restoring strength.




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