Men at the Spa

Corporate downsizing, soaring divorce rates, and a youth obsessed culture have all awakened men to what the opposite sex has known for years. While men and women share the same desires for their skin, men’s needs are different. They include a closer, less irritating shave, an oil-free complexion, an even skin tone, fewer fine wrinkles and even less puffiness around the eyes. Dr Brad Katchen, SkinCareLab founder, believes that men are reluctant to address their aesthetic concerns, but sees a surge in their interest. “Its all about education. Men are performance oriented, preferring treatments with immediate results with no downtime. Such explains the demand for Botox injections, lunchtime chemical peels and laser hair removal.”

Several leading skincare companies sensing this trend have developed products formulated especially for men. Katchen believes that men are minimalists preferring an effective yet brief skincare regimen. The ultimate shave gel, Rasage Express has been formulated by Decléor, with French essential oils and aloe vera to reduce irritation. Phytomer for Men has developed Nutri-T Anti Shine Moisturizing Fluid with its unique formula of marine extracts from France with a dual function of hydrating the skin & diminishing oiliness. The Swiss Cellmen, incorporates cellular technology in their Phyto-gel Puffy Eye Reliever, which soothes puffy eyes and diminishes dark circles. In addition, Anthony Logistics has created a complete line just for men, including a sport sun-line featuring a sunspray and lip balms all with SPF. All of these products are available at the SkinCareLab apothecary.




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