Shaving Tips Your Father Never Told You

Most men are taught how to shave by their fathers, but sometimes father doesn’t know best. For those who experience irritation, suffer from breakouts, or are merely unhappy with their shaven face, we hope to set the record straight to improve this daily ritual.

Achieving a good shave hinges on how you prepare your face and what tools you use. First, your face should be properly hydrated, either by showering before you shave, or by applying warm compresses when not showering. This process protects your skin from inflammation, as hydrated hair is easier to remove.

While there are many shaving creams on the market, for those with sensitive skin we recommend a post-foaming gel, which starts as a gel and becomes foam upon contact with the skin. It will provide more moisture and protection to the skin, as well as improved lubrication, facilitating the razor's glide.

A straight razor with a mobile head and multiple blades adapts better to the contours of the face. Its best to use fresh blades and to proceed in a downward direction once, with a minimum amount of overlap through the face and neck.

In spite of all this, there remains a small subset of men who continue to have ingrown hairs with inflammation, a condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae. This condition is often seen in African Americans or in those with very coarse, curly hair. Here, the hair grows without a straight exit, resulting in “razor bumps”. To manage this, leave the hairs slightly longer (there are special razors that allow for this), or pre-treat your skin with exfoliating creams (containing glycolic or salicylic acid) the evening before, which might allow for a smoother exit. A dermatologist may prescribe cortisone creams to treat this condition or suggest laser hair removal for bothersome areas.

At SkinCareLab a wide array of shaving products can be found especially formulated for men. A new addition to our apothecary is Rasage Activ Shaving Foam by Phytomer, formulated with marine and botanical extracts. These soften the hair and act as an anti-inflammatory for a smooth shave and a clear complexion.




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Phytomer Homme Rasage Perfect Shaving Mask
A shaving cream/mask two in one treatment. This exclusive formula with marine extracts delivers a smoother, closer shave without irritation. It can also be used once or twice a week as a moisturizing mask, giving the skin a smooth and radiant appearance.(150 ml / 5 fl oz)