New Natural Skin Care

For centuries, there have been natural remedies for the skin: from ancient Egypt where aloe vera was first used to treat skin disorders, to India where yogurt, almonds and honey were incorporated into face masks. Presently, billions of dollars are spent every year by consumers in search of natural or organic beauty products.

And now at SkinCareLab, REN, one of our favorite product lines, free from any petrochemicals or additives, has launched three new products focussed on the area around the eyes: Lipovector Peptide Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream, and the Active 7 Radiant Eye Maintenance Serum. To nourish and firm the skin under the eye, the Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream is enriched with plant collagen, vitamin A and lipovector peptides. The Active 7 Radiant Eye Maintenance Serum is packed with unique, natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid, ginseng, laminaria and fig to revive tired and puffy eyes.

Another of SkinCareLab's most requested anti-aging lines, Kinerase, has developed a new line: Kinerase Pro+Therapy, formulated with zeatin as well as their patented ingredient kinetin. Zeatin is a plant cytokin made from RNA. When used is conjunction with kinetin, zeatin has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, skin roughness and mottled pigmentation. In addition to zeatin, the Advanced Repair Serum is also formulated with plant-based extracts that contain hexapeptide-10, to help tone and tighten the skin. The Ultra Rich Night Repair is a blend of tripeptide & ceramide, which provides hours of moisture while delivering nutrients to the skin.

At SkinCareLab, our mission is to seek out the newest and best developments in the skin care industry. These new products are exciting new additions to the spa and are also available at!



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