Prevage: The über Anti-Oxidant

Now with the new year upon us, our mission to look good and feel good continues. SkinCareLab is once again positioned on the cutting edge with the latest and greatest developments in the skincare industry at our fingers.

Allergan, the makers of Botox and MD Forte has done it again! On January 4th, Allergan is set to launch Prevage, formulated with what is purportedly the greatest anti-oxidant yet!

Anti-oxidants work to neutralize free-radicals from forming. Free-radicals can form from excessive ultraviolet exposure, smoking, and stress, and are a natural bi-product of the aging process. Once formed, free-radicals work to breakdown DNA and important proteins in the skin like collagen and elastin, resulting in wrinkles and an aged appearance in the skin.

Idebenone, the active ingredient in Prevage, is a new anti-oxidant that has been shown in preliminary studies, both in the laboratory and in clinical settings, to be more a potent and efffective antioxidant compared with Co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C and E, kinetin, alpha lipoic acid, and ubiquinone. Idebenone has been shown to be more effective against protecting against UV exposure, resulting in an improved, more supple appearance of the skin, with less fine lines, and improved skin tone.

Remarkably, Prevage has already been coined by Allure magazine as their greatest breakthough product of the year!

We look forward to Prevage’s arrival. Call SkinCareLab at 212-334-3142 so you can be the first to try it!

Happy Holidays!
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