FDA Approves Restylane

On December 12, 2003 the FDA announced approval of Restylane for use as an injectible filler to treat wrinkles. For the past two decades collagen injections, of cow origin, have been the gold standard in wrinkle treatment, and recently CosmoDerm, from a human cell line, has attracted attention. However, unlike Collagen and CosmoDerm, Restylane is synthetic, and has been shown to last longer than previous fillers, in some cases, up to six months.

Like other injectibles, Restylane is best used to fill lines on the lower portion of the face, especially the laugh lines, and to create fuller lips. Restylane is made of hyaluronic acid in the laboratory, and requires no allergy test before treatment, enabling a quick and easy cosmetic treatment with no downtime for both men and women.

Dr. Brad Katchen is excited to begin offering his patients the option of using Restylane. “Doctors have been using it for years in other countries, and the quality has long been known to be excellent. I think it is going to be hugely popular in 2004 and will equal the rage we have seen with Botox.”

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