Viva La France

From good wine and food, couture clothing, and of course skin care, the French seem to have all the answers. At SkinCareLab, we have several skin care lines that fly off the shelves, but a popular one is La Roche-Posay.

From Toleraine, their line for sensitive skin, to Anthelios, the famous über sunscreens, and Lipikar, their line specifically designed for dry skin, La Roche-Posay has something for everyone.

The most requested this season is the Lipikar collection. To combat the dryness in your skin as the temperatures drop and the indoor heating begins, extra hydration and mild cleansers are the answer.

The Syndet Cleanser is a gentle non-drying foaming cleanser for the face and body enriched with shea butter, perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. The Lipikar Balm is a rich formulation for the body enriched with 20% shea butter for extra hydration. Xerand Hand Repair Cream works as a terrific salve to keep your hands soft and supple through the winter.

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