A Healthy Tan
With the advent of new technology, the skin care industry is constantly working to help our clients reach their goal, a perfect, porcelain complexion. However, people still continue to sunbathe to achieve a tan, thinking that it betters their appearance or reflects a fashion trend, even though the hazards of cumulative UV exposure can lead to many of the problems we try so hard to correct: premature signs of aging, a leathery skin texture, mottled pigmentation, a reddish complexion and of course, skin cancer.

During the past decade, the market has been flooded with new self-tanners as an effective and safe alternative to sunbathing. Their active ingredient is dihydroxyacetone, which adheres to the top layer of the skin, leaving a golden glow until the skin naturally regenerates within a week or two. While the rage now is a spray-on tan, at SkinCareLab, application is done manually, with precision. We use Algotherm's marine extract scrub, from the coast of Brittany, to polish and even out skin texture followed by their self-tanner. In addition, our apothecary also carries a complete line of self-tanners for at-home application.
Though the concept of wanting a tan is primarily esthetic in nature, the feeling of the warm sun and smell of the ocean is a relief after a hard winter and a wet spring. We welcome the summer season and wish all of our friends a happy and safe season.



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