Relieving Stress at the Spa

We all feel stress. With the state of world affairs, the pressures of our jobs, or our relationships, stress, if left to fester, can be a detriment to our bodies and our psyche. Our skin may react to stress in different ways, often developing breakouts, hives, dry patches, or even hair loss. The spa can be an indispensable tool for helping us relax and rejuvenate.

The treatment of this body/mind connection is well documented. The benefits of therapeutic massage date back to 3000 BC, when the ancient Chinese began to extol its benefits. At SkinCareLab, our therapists are trained to use their thorough knowledge of physiology and anatomy to provide clients with an incredible relief from stress, fatigue, tension and anxiety. We offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue/Sports or Aromatherapy massage.

Our philosophy at SkinCareLab has always been focused on providing the best therapeutic treatment while providing a relaxing experience. One example is our popular Aroma Relax facial, a 75 minute treatment, beginning with a backrub, that incorporates plant extracts and essential oils from Decleor, to cleanse, purify and hydrate even the most sensitive skin.

All of our treatments are designed to invigorate and refresh you. SkinCareLab is the perfect place to decompress, relax, or simply, to get away. We look forward to taking care of you.

A collection of our favorite body products so that you can treat yourself. These products will leave your body retextured, smoothed, and refreshed. For more info, click here.



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