Roses Are For?

Valentine’s Day is certainly a day full of roses. The larger the bouquet,
longer the stem, fuller the flower and redder the color... all show you love your Valentine more. In skincare we are seeing an influx of rose infused products: the question is what are the benefits?

Homeopathic natural skin care literature reports a long list of benefits of Rose Hips dating back to the Middle Ages . Thought to have originated in the Middle East where it was used for many medical conditions, decoration and fragrance. In the late 18th century it was thought to treat scurvy and Vitamin C deficiency, due to the fact that it contained a natural form of Vitamin C. Anecdotally it has been reported to stimulate the skin, heighten blood flow, balance oil production, and tighten pores. It has been noted to have anti-bacterial properties, calm irritated skin, and moisturize. Much of its benefits have been attributed to its role as an anti-oxidant due to the Vitamin C content. Thus it might improve tissue firmness and reduce the signs of aging by preventing collagen breakdown. And its hard to resist the scent!.

Two of SkinCareLab’s favorite natural skincare lines Epicuren and REN have some amazing products that contain Rose... Epicuren has the AfterBath Rose Petal & Epicuren Sea Salt Rose bath salts. REN has the irresistible Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash, Damask Rose Ramnose Biosacaride Body Cream, Rose Centifolia Face Wash and the Rose Complex Moisturizer.

This year perhaps the perfect gift of roses for your Valentine is in skincare.

In celebration to Valentine's day, when you or your Valentine come to SkinCareLab and indulge in a facial, body treatment or massage, we would like to offer you a complimentary manicure! Just mention this reporter or bring along a copy. Pass along this offer to your friends. This offer is good until February 28th.

Happy Valentines Day!